I will respect the rights of all users of the recreational waterways of the State of Florida, on public waters and on adjacent private property.

I will be considerate and courteous at public vessel launch ramps and docks. In an effort not to disturb other boaters, I will launch and retrieve my vessel promptly.

I will always operate at a safe speed in posted “No Wake” zones.

When approaching the shoreline, I will be especially aware of swimmers and other water vessels near the shoreline.

I realize that my vessel’s equipment, ability, weather conditions, and especially other vessel traffic should determine my vessel speed.

In case of an emergency, I will volunteer assistance.

I am aware that my vessel creates air propeller wash and will use idle speed near the shoreline and boat ramps.

I will ensure that all passengers in my vessel are equipped with safety equipment, including life vests and required safety equipment.

I will avoid unnecessary disturbance of wildlife and will not enter posted “No Trespass” areas.

I will pay close attention to the engine sound levels that my vessel may create and be aware of how others on the shoreline will react to it.

I will not litter and will bring back all trash. I will be careful in handling my fuel.

I will not interfere with or harass others. I realize that people will judge all airboaters by my individual actions.

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