Welcome to the January 2015 edition of your KRVSA newsletter. Please note that this month’s meeting is Thursday, Jan 8th at 7:00 at First Choice BBQ–712 South Collins Street, Plant City, FL 33563. Most members come early to enjoy some great BBQ before the meeting.

Land: All the deeds are finalized on registering the land(s) purchased from the Jurnigan and Gilford families to KRVSA. Brad and Danny will now meet with Barrett Chandley and do the paperwork that will exchange the Jurnigan/Gilford lands for the Chandley parcel. The deeds came back just prior to Christmas and the officers simply felt it was in the professional interest not to bother Barrett Chandley with this until the New Year.

Raffle Boat and Charm: We are still WAY behind on fund raising with these two opportunities. The website has been a decent avenue for fund generation, but we can not rely on this. Please consider selling some tickets and taking the boat to an event.

Howl at The Moon: The Howl at The Moon was a great day. Capt. Dave Markett hosted airboats from around the state on Saturday the 3rd. Dave had a nice route laid out and everyone seemed to enjoy the ride and the water levels.

Opportunity: Our hearts go out to fellows airboaters anytime there is a tragic situation. There was a fatal accident just prior to the New Year’s weekend involving fellow airboaters and well known folks in the airboat community. The club typically does not get overly involved in these situations. Quite frankly if we accidentally missed mentioning a situation we could be seen as biased or favoritism. However, many of the officer’s cell phones have been ringing about Vickie Cruz, family, and passengers. Here’s where to find the information; Southern Airboat has information about what can be done for these families. Facebook also has information about benefits and GoFundMe opportunities. Involved were–Mark Cruz (deceased in the accident), Mark’s wife Leslie (recovering well), Joel Thomas (deceased in the accident), Vickie Cruz (FB-Victoria Lee Cruz, recovering, strong willed, still has obstacles in recovery, but a true southern lady of grit and fight), Rhonda Sylvia (FB-Rhonda Platt Sylvia, recovering, like Vickie full of fight and strong willed). We pray for peace and comfort for these families. The outpouring of support, both financial and emotional are amazing. For further information search the areas stated above.

Follow Up on Toys for Tots/Diamondback-give back: Diamondback, like many manufacturers has been a strong supporter of this club and our sport. At the Christmas party it was decided that instead of a 50/50 we would do donations toward buying toys for Diamondback’s Toys for Tots drive. Your generosity resulted in $620 being donated by club members at the Christmas Party. An anonymous company donated another $180 and the Board decided to donate $200 from the club’s general account. Dana Weihrauch went shopping–she bought 120 items for $1,012.00 Danny Brantley and Brad Weihrauch drove the toys to Diamond back on Friday, December 19th. Personal note–I have known Bobby and family at Diamondback a long time. I have never seen Bobby and more especially his Mother Ms. Fran more touched at any time. Ms. Fran had tears at one point. Coming from a very meager childhood, Fran is passionate about giving to kids. Diamondback had a box marked Toys for Tots with a few (probably 10-15) items when Danny and Brad got there. When KRVSA left Diamondback their official Toys for Tots box was overflowing and they had to improvise a make shift box for the rest. There are pictures attached to this email, I will also print them out and bring them to the meeting incase you can’t open the pictures. As President of your club, and speaking for Danny Brantley-past President and LifeTime Board Member of this club…..there is no way to properly convey the emotions that happened at 10AM that Friday morning, nor the sense of PRIDE for this organization as we pulled out of that parking lot at Diamondback. This was a huge “pay it forward” by the club and made a huge statement to Diamondback about our love and support for what is near and dear to them.

Freedom Ride: Freedom Ride is scheduled for February 21st. WE NEED VOLUNTEERS. We really need more people to get involved with events. There are continual inquiries about rides, activities, etc…but very little “I would like to see more activities, how can I help” Quite frankly the work load is overwhelming to those who constantly serve. Please look at your time and consider playing a leading role in Freedom Ride 2015 and the Annual Clean Up April 11th. We need a committee now to plan and see this event through.

CleanUp: April 11th is the Annual CleanUp. This year Thomas Landing will host the event. We will be forming a committee for this event and need volunteers.

Website: There will be an update at the meeting. Brad has a meeting 1/6/15 at 10:00AM to review a totally new website format that will propel this club to the next level on the internet.

Places to stay: Please look at Grape Hammock, Thomas Landing, and Camp Mack when looking for lodging for events. These facilities have supported your club and it is only fair we return the support. River Ranch Resort is also an option of these venues are full.

Please make an effort to attend the meeting this Thursday night at First Choice BBQ in Plant City. Most of us get there around 6:15-6:30 and eat before the meeting.

Respectfully submitted to the members of KRVSA by your Officers and Board.